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Here your pets are treated like family

At Care Pet Animal Hospital in Jacksonville, we serve pets of every age, size and type. We love caring for your pets and want to make their visit stress free.

Multiple Locations

Skilled Personnel

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What Do We Offer?

Being the best specialty pet care hospital, we offer various types of services and solutions that address an array of needs.


Puppy & Kitten

We make sure your pet gets all the attention, love and care they deserve.

Best Veterinarian in Jacksonville Beach

Wellness Plans and Specialty Care

We have various wellness vet care services and wellness plans for your pet.

Pet Vaccinations


We have an experienced team of professionals to vaccinate your pets to keep them healthy.

Some Facts About Our Hospital

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    Why Choose Our Pet Care Hospital?

    The most effective treatment process

    We are dedicated to providing the best pet care possible. We make sure that your pet stands a better chance of receiving the most effective treatment from our reliable vet care provider.

    Availability of Treatment Options

    It is not safe to treat your pet yourself. Our pet care center has professionals with more than 12 years of experience who are ready to assess and treat your pet in a caring atmosphere.

    Pet Salon Services

    We provide pet salon services to not only pamper your pet, but to also make sure they're clean, and trimmed so they can enjoy their best life.

    Experienced Veterinarians

    Our Veterinarians have years of experience so they know just how to handle your pets needs. Our Vets and Vet Technicians take the utmost care when handling your pet, and do their best to make you and your pet feel safe and secure.


    Know Your Pet Better

    Whether you have a dog, a cat, or a rabbit, it deserves the best possible care. Here our experts have all the information and tips you need to know to keep your four-legged friend healthy and happy.

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    Vaccinations are critical for protecting your furry family member from infectious diseases by...

    Abscesses In Cats

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    Our Client Reviews

    Care Pet Animal Hospital is the best pet care animal hospital in Jacksonville Beach, Arlington and Race Track Road.

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