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A cat being prepped for surgery


Welcome to the cutting-edge of compassion and care at Care Pet's Surgical Suite. We understand that the thought of surgery for your furry family member can be daunting, but rest assured, they're in the most capable and gentle hands here. Our state-of-the-art operating rooms are the heart of our clinic, where science and empathy meet to provide the highest standard of surgical care. From routine procedures to complex surgeries, our experienced team is here to ensure your pet's health and comfort every step of the way. Let us be your trusted partner in navigating your pet's path to recovery

Care Pet Animal Hospital offers different varieties of surgeries. We are convenient and affordable animal hospital in Jacksonville. 

  • 1) Affordable spay and neuters

    2) Dental cleaning and dental extraction procedures

    3) Mass removals

    4) Gastrotomy and enterotomy

  • We are one of the few animal hospitals in Jacksonville who offers rabbit neuters and rabbit spay

    1) Bunny Neuter/ Rabbit Neuter

    2) Bunny Spay/ Rabbit Spay

    3) Teeth Trim

    4) Wound repairs

  • 1) Pig Neuter

    2) Hoof trimming

    3) Tusk Trimming

    4) Wound repairs

  • Hodges Animal Hospital is one of the animal hospitals in Jacksonville who does different surgeries in Sheep and Goat

    1) Goat Neuter

    2) Sheep Neuter

    3) Hoof trimming

    4) C-section

    5) Wound repairs

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