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Exotic Pet Veterinarian in Jacksonville, FL 


Many people want an animal that is more unique than a dog or cat. While dogs, cats, and other common pets are great, having an exotic animal can also provide a lot of enjoyment. Before buying an exotic animal, it is best to understand what you are getting into. If you do get an exotic pet, you will want to see an exotic animal veterinarian. Our veterinarian at Care Pet Animal Hospital provides quality veterinary care for exotic animals in and around Jacksonville, FL. Let’s take a look at some of the common questions that we run into regarding exotic animals.

Are Exotic Animals Legal?

Laws can vary from jurisdiction to jurisdiction, and in some cases, certain exotic or rare animals are not allowed as pets. Owning a hedgehog or sugar glider is legal in many locales. Owning a tiger, deer, or bear is outlawed or tightly regulated in many areas. It is smart to speak with a veterinarian if you have questions about what is legal in your area.


Are Exotic Animals Difficult to Care For?

Many exotic pets require more care and upkeep than a cat or dog. Some exotic animals are fragile, such as exotic birds. Many animals come from very different climates, which you will often have to emulate at home. Many less-common pets also have very specific dietary needs. Some require a lot of space. Speak with our veterinarian to learn more about what your pet needs.

Are Exotic Animals Expensive?

Exotic animals often cost more than their more common counterparts. Many exotic animals are somewhat rare. A limited supply and high demand tend to drive prices up. Still, not all exotic animals are expensive to purchase.

The purchasing price is just the start. You may need to buy a large cage or an aquarium. Expensive foods may be in order as well. Heating or cooling a space for your exotic pet can increase your utility bills. When it comes to veterinary care, you may be able to find an affordable vet nearby.

Do I Need to See a Special Exotic Animal Vet?

Veterinarians have an incredible amount of knowledge of animal health. That said, some veterinarians are more familiar with and have more knowledge of exotic animals. Some vets specialize even further. A veterinarian might be better with birds than rodents, for example. When you are looking for a vet, you will want to find an exotic animal vet. Dr. Kantimahanthi has a considerable amount of experience with rare animals.

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