Veterinary House Calls

Veterinarians sometimes have to go mobile to provide proper veterinary care for pets and other animals. In some cases, transporting an animal is too burdensome, and a house call from the vet is the more convenient option. At Care Pet Animal Hospital in Jacksonville, FL, we offer house calls for animals that need on-site care.

When Your Pet Needs In-Home Care

Mobile vet care has many advantages. Individuals with pets who cannot easily get to a veterinarian’s office can still ensure their animal companions receive the care they need. Treating an animal in the home setting allows the vet to provide more personal care, with a better relationship with both the animal and the owner. Some pets become stressed by a visit to the vet’s office, so a house call can ensure an animal receives care without having to deal with the unfamiliar environment. If you have a number of pets or farm animals, a vet house call can take care of all animals at one time, instead of in multiple visits to the office.

Types of House Call Services We Offer

Our veterinary house calls can provide examinations, update vaccinations, take care of minor wounds, provide laboratory services, and provide parasite prevention. Pets with respiratory infections and other minor illnesses can be treated at home as well. We can also do wellness checkups and discuss any issues you may have with your pet and provide on-site hoof and tusk trimming for pigs.

Deciding Whether or Not a Veterinary House Call Is Appropriate

A veterinary house call is not suitable for all kinds of health problems.  Certain types of tests or procedures require the animal hospital environment. In addition, the assistance of hospital staff to ensure the safety of the animal and the best outcome for the procedure is sometimes required. If you have questions about whether a house call is appropriate, call our office for further discussion.

Make Care Pet Animal Hospital Your Veterinarian in Jacksonville, FL

Our veterinarians and staff at Care Pet Animal Hospital use their extensive knowledge of veterinary medicine to help animals in Jacksonville, FL, Fruit Cove, and the surrounding communities enjoy better health and longevity. We offer many services, including vaccinations, wellness care, dental care, surgery, and boarding. We treat dogs, cats, small mammals, and some farm animals. Contact Care Pet Animal Hospital today at 904-992-1888 at our Beach location to learn more about the services we can offer for house calls.

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