Pig Vaccine

Vaccines play a major role in preventing diseases. It would seem ideal to vaccinate all pigs at the same time. But to offer the best protections expert vets state that pigs should be vaccinated at the time that is right for pigs. When vaccines are injected into a pig, they stimulate an immune response without causing the actual disease. 


Experts state that establishing a vaccination program for your pigs can help you protect them from contagious diseases at all stages of development. These diseases include classical swine fever, foot and mouth disease, porcine parvovirus, porcine reproductive respiratory syndrome, porcine circovirus-associated disease, and tapeworm infections. This will basically help protect your farming bottom line as well. 


Usually at the age of 3 to 6 weeks’ small pigs should be vaccinated for circovirus and mycoplasma around the time of weaning. If PRRS is a problem in your herd then you should also consider vaccination for that. It is necessary to vaccinate prior to weaning for pigs weaned at older ages. It is important to consider that Erysipelas vaccinations should not be given before six weeks of age because the maternal antibodies transferred via colostrum and milk may affect the vaccine. While influenza protection should be given around seven to weeks of age followed by a booster two to four weeks later. 


A circovirus booster vaccination should be administered to replacement gilts prior to breeding as they are susceptible to reproductive issues. Gilts should also have 2 doses of lepto, parvo, and erysipelas vaccines before breeding. 


Note that pigs should be healthy at the vaccination. If they have a fever or show signs of any other illness wait for a few days. Also, be aware of factors that minimize the efficacy of vaccines. 

  1. Mycoplasma
  2. Tetanus
  3. Rabies + Duval County City License
  4. Fecal flotation test or Intestinal Parasite test
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