Pet Vaccines

In the state of Florida, all dog, cat, and ferret owners are required by law to have their pets vaccinated against rabies. This is the only vaccine with such a law. Other pet vaccinations help protect your pet from some of the most common diseases. At Care Pet Animal Hospital in Jacksonville, our veterinarian would like to look at what you need to know about pet vaccines.

Main Types of Vaccines

Vaccines are divided into two types, core and non-core. Core vaccines are a must for all dogs and cats since they protect against the diseases that pets are most likely to come across. Non-core vaccines are optional but may be necessary if traveling with your pet, showing your pet, or if there is a disease that has taken spread quickly in your area.

Most Vaccines Need Three Doses

With the exception of the rabies vaccine, the other core vaccines need to be given in three doses for the first year, then in yearly boosters or boosters given every three years.

Canine Distemper Vaccine for Ferrets

Although called canine distemper, this disease can kill other species of animals, especially ferrets. It is highly recommended that all ferrets get vaccinated for canine distemper. 100% of all ferrets who become infected with canine distemper do not survive. Ferret kits can get their first dose at eight weeks old, then two other doses two or three weeks apart. They need yearly boosters.

Senior Pets Need Boosters

Senior dogs and cats must get their annual boosters since their immune systems are not what they used to be. This makes them more likely to get sick from a contagious disease than when they were younger. If your senior pet has never been vaccinated, it is never too late to start, as long as your senior pet is healthy.

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If you have questions about vaccines for your pet and live in the Jacksonville area, contact Care Pet Animal Hospital to speak with our veterinarian. Call our team today at (904) 992-1888 or reach us through our website by using our online contact form.

Other Services
Pet Vaccines Available

There are a variety of diseases that may affect your pet. Proper vaccination can help you protect your pets against those illnesses. 

Dog Vaccination

Dog Vaccine

We offer a full range of dog vaccinations, puppy shots and injections for your canine companion to keep them healthy.

Cat Vaccination

Cat Vaccine

We offer cat vaccinations at Care Pet Animal Hospital to protect against diseases she might encounter.

pig vaccination

Pig Vaccine

Along with dog and cat vaccinations, we also have pig vaccines available at Care Pet animal hospital. 

goat vaccine

Goat Vaccine

At Care Pet Animal Hospital, our vaccination program is designed to keep your goats healthy.

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