Pig, Goat & Sheep Spay and Neuter

At Care Pet Animal Hospital, we are committed to providing the residents of the Jacksonville, FL, area with the services they need for their animals. In addition to the regular wellness services and vaccinations, we also offer other services such as pig, goat, and sheep spay and neuter services. We have the skills and experience to perform these procedures quickly and with a high degree of integrity.

Top Spay and Neuter Services from Our Veterinarian

We specialize in handling various needs, including spay and neuter services for your sheep, goats, and pigs. It’s important to help control animal populations, and this service is vital to controlling farm animal populations. These procedures are routine and are accomplished at our facility. We provide a complete exam for the animal before this surgical procedure to ensure they have the best possible outcome and alert us of any underlying conditions. If there are any underlying issues, we’ll promptly alert you and take measures to address them in a timely fashion. 

Once we determine the animal is ready for the procedure, we can begin. The entire procedure can be accomplished in a few short hours, and the animal is ready for its road to recovery. After either spaying or neutering, the vet staff will provide an aftercare procedure and go over any problems to look for after the operation is complete. We will follow up with the animal to ensure they get the best result and heal properly. The goal is to provide the best outcome with the fewest complications related to surgery.

Find an Affordable Vet

If you’re currently in need of a highly qualified and experienced veterinarian who is affordable and provides a wide range of services, you can count on Care Pet Animal Hospital, serving the residents of Jacksonville, FL. If you want to schedule pig, goat, or sheep spay and neuter services, please call (904) 992-1888 for an appointment. 

You can speak with one of our friendly office personnel, and they can provide you with the details. Don’t hesitate to voice any questions or concerns about our care or financial questions about our affordable vet services. We want to be the place you choose for all your animal veterinary medical care needs.

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