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Working with a mobile veterinarian is an affordable and convenient way to get quality care for your pet. A mobile vet can come to your home and provide many of the same services found at an animal hospital. This can help save you time, and it is also less stressful for your pet. Many people choose a mobile veterinarian for these reasons.

Our team at Care Pet Animal Hospital understand that people have busy schedules, and a mobile veterinarian is a great solution for professional animal care. Your pets will appreciate it by getting the treatment they need in a familiar place, reducing stress and discomfort.

Benefits of Mobile Vet Services

There are many benefits of mobile veterinary services that you may prefer over an office visit. Even some sensitive incidents, like euthanasia, can be more comforting for you and your pet at home. Mobile vet services are also convenient when you are busy, but your pet needs fast and effective treatment. Some common benefits of mobile veterinary care include:

Convenient scheduling

There is no doubt that this is a big reason people choose a mobile vet. Between work and family obligations, it may be a challenge to get your pet to an animal hospital. Our mobile vet takes care of that by working with your schedule for optimal convenience.

Friendlier environment

Animals are more receptive to animal care in their own environment. When a mobile vet visits, there is better opportunity for our team and your pet to bond in a comfortable environment. This helps make veterinary visits easier for both you and your pet.

Reduced stress

Your pet may get anxious or have a hard time traveling to a veterinary office. Many animals can be very stressed out when they go to a place they have negative associations with. This is why house calls are a good solution, especially for overly anxious pets.

Farm animal care

Not every animal has the ability to go to an animal hospital. That’s why our team provides the care your farm animal needs through our mobile vet care. We can perform minor wound repairs and hoof and tusk trimmings for pigs when needed most.

Pet Euthanasia

This can be a difficult time for you and your pet and having home euthanasia can make things easier. It can be less stressful for your pet and allow them to pass in a comfortable place.

Contact Our Mobile Vet Team for a House Call in Jacksonville, FL

Our mobile veterinarians at Care Pet Animal Hospital make house calls in the Jacksonville area for your convenience. We offer a friendly and professional experience for you and your pet, so you can avoid potentially stressful office visits. Our experienced team can perform a wide range of services in the comfort of your own home or other locations. Contact us to schedule an appointment or to learn more about how our professional staff can help today.

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