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If you have a dog or cat, you should have no problem finding a vet. However, finding a veterinarian to care for exotic pets or farm animals can be a difficult task. These animals need unique care to stay healthy. At Hodges Animal Hospital in Jacksonville, FL, our team provides care for farm animals like chickens. Our veterinarian is trained and experienced in caring for chickens and other farm animals.

Benefits of Owning Chickens

For many people, especially those on a farm, chickens can be great companions. More people than ever are buying chickens. One reason that many people are building chicken coops is to contribute to organic and sustainable food movements. Other benefits of owning chickens include:

  • They eat grass, so they will help keep the lawns from becoming overgrown
  • They lay eggs for eating
  • Their feces can be used to fertilize plants and crops

Veterinary Care for Chickens

Just like family pets, farm animals like chickens can also get ill or get diseases that can shorten their lives. Chickens need clean water, appropriate food, and proper vet care.

Chickens can get ill or injured. Our veterinarian is trained to look for diseases that chickens are prone to. We provide wellness checks to ensure that your chickens are healthy, as well.

Here are some other needs that your chickens will require for good health:

Keep the temperature constant

Chickens are sensitive to extreme temperatures. They can be prone to frostbite and need shade in the hot weather.

Keep them safe from wildlife

Chickens have a lot of predators. Dogs, raccoons, opossums, and other wild animals may be dangerous to your chickens. They should be in a fully-fenced yard, including over the top, to reduce the threat from owls and aerial predators.

Appropriate environment

Chickens need a nest box to lay their eggs. They also need plenty of space and must be kept clean to keep the chickens and eggs safe.

Chickens need daily care

Chickens need ongoing care, including fresh water and food. Those planning a vacation will need to arrange for a caretaker while they are gone.

Proper nutrition is critical

Chickens need a balanced diet. Chicken feed contains all the nutrients that adult hens need. It is important to speak with our chicken vet to determine what specific food your chickens need.

Laying hens need extra supplements

Calcium and limestone are some supplements required for laying hens. They also need granite grit a few times a month.

Visit Our Vet in Jacksonville, FL for Chicken Care

If you have a chicken or other farm animals, our team can help. At Hodges Animal Hospital in Jacksonville, FL, our vet provides wellness checks, treatment, and advice on how to care for chickens. We are happy to answer any questions you have. Call us today to schedule an appointment.

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