Pig Hoof Trimming and Pig Tusk Trimming

Pet pigs can be lovable, intelligent pets, but they need regular care to ensure that preventable problems do not occur. Hooves and tusks on these intelligent creatures grow at a notable speed and become a health issue if not taken care of properly. That’s why our team at Care Pet Animal Hospital is here to help your pig stay healthy and happy.

Another benefit to scheduling regular pet grooming appointments is that it acts as a booster for your pet to tend to their own daily grooming needs. The less they have to fight extra fluff, the better job they can do with their own attempts at self-care.

Our pet groomers consider pet grooming to be more than extravagant dog and cat spa days, even though they do everything possible to make sure pets feel safe and comfortable throughout the whole process. And besides, what’s wrong with pets getting some extra TLC at the hands of a caring professional? They love the feeling of a good dander-loosening brushing, just like anyone else. The nail trimming portion is another story, but we do our best to minimize any uneasiness your pet may feel with scissors edging closer to their paws.

More than anything, pet grooming shows that you love your pet and want to keep them feeling and looking their best.

Pig Hoof Trimming

Our qualified veterinarians are trained to handle pig, goat, and sheep hoofs correctly. There is both hard and soft tissue, and trimming hoofs incorrectly can result in serious injury to the animal. Normally, hoofed animals aren’t very keen to have anyone handling their feet. However, start with maintenance early, and even the most nervous animals will adjust very quickly to a hoof trimming. This allows for a straightforward examination of the hoofs with the pet staying relaxed. The hoofs are then trimmed, filed, and smoothed for a proper finish with a professional approach.

Pig Tusk Trimming

Every male pig needs its tusks trimmed on a regular basis. Our professional staff can file down the pig’s tusks smoothly and safely. This ensures the pet remains healthy and doesn’t injure itself or the pet owner with extended tusks that grow too long. Some pigs get a bit nervous and may require sedation to keep them safe and comfortable. It is possible to treat a pig without sedation, but the pet will have to be trained from a very young age to accomplish this efficiently. As a result, sedation tends to be a common practice with pig tusk trimming.

Visit Us for Hoof & Pig Tusk Trimming in Jacksonville or Fruit Cove, FL

Our professional staff can manage all types of pigs, from pot-bellied to regular farm variety. You can relax knowing that we will ensure your pig receives the quality care he or she needs to stay healthy. We provide pet owners in Fruit Cove and Jacksonville area with affordable and quality vet care when they need it most. Give us a call to schedule an appointment or to learn more about how we can help your pet today.

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