Animal Husbandry

People both in rural and urban areas choose to have farm animals or exotic pets for various reasons. Some people want to provide extra meat or eggs for their family in a relatively convenient fashion. Others are just interested in having a pet that better fits their lifestyle abilities or personality types. Whether you get farm animals or exotic pets, be sure to choose a qualified farm animal vet or exotic animal vet to help you care for your animals properly. At Care Pet Animal Hospital Jacksonville, FL, we know the many important factors regarding animal husbandry.

What type of farm animals should I get?

The answer to this entirely depends on how much space you have, what the local ordinances are for your area, and how much time you have to devote to animal husbandry. Each type of farm animal or exotic pet has its own care needs, ranging from relatively easy to high maintenance.

What type of shelter will the animals need?

This is entirely dependent on the types of farm animals or exotic pets you get. Chickens will need an outdoor coop. Ducks may need a duck run with a pond. Sheep will need a three-sided outdoor shelter. Snakes will need an indoor aquarium with an escape-proof lid. Hamsters, ferrets, and rabbits will need a meshed-cage with easy footing.

How much will food cost and what kind do I have to buy?

The feed your animals will need depends on the type of animals you have, their age, and what they eat for their breeds. Chickens and ducks can have feed supplemented with fruit, vegetable, and bread scraps. Snakes will need crickets, goldfish, rats, or mice (dead or alive), depending on the age and size of the snake. Lizards will need fruits and vegetables along with certain particular reptile supplements. Other animals may need only food specially made for that animal type that you’ll need to get from a pet store or animal feed store.

What kind of feeding and cleaning routines will I need to add to my life?

For each type of animal you get, you’ll have to add ample time to your daily routines to do many things, including:

  1. Cleaning cages or pens
  2. Stock and rotate through food
  3. Supply and replenish bedding like hay, sawdust, or small animal bedding
  4. Bathing them if the animal requires it
  5. Inspect them for signs of disease
  6. Take them to an affordable vet for vaccines and other treatments
  7. Repair their cages, coops, or enclosures
  8. Shoring up their areas against natural predators like foxes, coyotes, or outdoor snakes

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