Pig Hoof and Tusk Trimming Services

Pet pigs can be lovable, intelligent pets, but they need regular care to ensure that preventable problems do not occur. Hooves and tusks on these intelligent creatures grow at a notable speed and become a health issue if not taken care of properly. That's why our team at Care Pet Hospital and Resort is here to help your pig stay healthy and happy.

Pig Hoof Trimming

Pigs can get very used to hoof trimming without concern or stress if trained to accept it from a very young age. Normally, hoofed animals aren't very keen to have anyone handling their feet. However, start with maintenance early, and even the most nervous of piglets will adjust very quickly to a pig hoof trimming.

Our qualified veterinarians are trained to handle pig hoofs correctly. There is both hard and soft tissue, and trimming hoofs incorrectly can result in serious injury to the animal. Our vets work with baby pigs early on, reducing their anxiety with belly rubs and affection. This allows for a straightforward examination of the hoofs with the pig relaxed. The hoofs are then trimmed, filed, and smoothed for a proper finish with a professional approach. Many pig owners worry that this kind of work can be expensive, but our affordable vet makes it easy.

Pig Tusk Trimming

Every male pig needs its tusks trimmed on a regular basis. This can require sedation so that the pet doesn't get scared and starts acting violently in an attempt to protect itself. Our professional staff can file down the pig's tusks smoothly and without issue. This ensures the pet remains healthy and doesn't injure itself or the pet owner with extended tusks that grow too long. It is possible to treat a pig without sedation, but the pet will have to be trained from a very young age to accomplish this efficiently. As a result, sedation tends to be a common practice with pig tusk trimming.

Visit Us for Tusk & Pig Hoof Trimming in Jacksonville or Fruit Cove, FL

For folks with a pig that needs regular care in Jacksonville FL, our qualified team at Care Pet Hospital and Resort are a great resource. Our professional staff can manage all types of pigs, from pot-bellied to regular farm variety. You can relax knowing that we will ensure your pig receives the quality care he or she needs to stay healthy. We provide pet owners in Fruit Cove and Jacksonville with affordable vet care when they need it most. Give us a call to schedule an appointment or to learn more about how we can help your animal. 


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